Operation Mindfall in Suomenlinna fortress

Operation Mindfall outdoor escapegame in Suomenlinna fortress

As far as we know at W.I.S.E., the Finnish section of Spidertech operates at Sveaborg, also called Suomenlinna., an old fortress guarding the entrance by sea to Helsinki.

So, what is the organization called Spidertech and what do they want? They want the most precious thing of all – men’s free will. They have developed a virus, designed to fill everyone with fear and suspicion, thus cutting off human interaction on multiple levels. Once people are isolated and alone, they are easy to brainwash with Spidertech’s agenda. We have frightening intel about their plans to spread the virus in all the world’s capitals simultaneously and very soon. This is why we at W.I.S.E. have asked you, special agents, to step in and try to locate Spidertech’s Finnish headquarters and identify the person in charge. Once you find the information, we can move in to stop the spreading of the virus.

* * * * *

The game Operation Mindfall – Suomenlinna starts from the same story as Operation Mindfall – Citycenter, but that is the only similarity. We are talking about two different games, with different tasks and outcomes. So, if you’ve played Operation Mindfall in the City, you’ll enjoy the Suomenlinna version as well. The Suomenlinna game is longer and somewhat harder, taking you almost across the entire island, with lots of puzzles on the way. Most puzzles are locally based, hidden among the dark vaults and walls of the fortress island. Reserve 1,5 to 2 hours for the game. You can activate it whenever you want, once you’ve arrived in the island, and the game doesn’t break off if you go for a coffee in the middle of it.

You’ll get some agent gear packed in a rucksack, above all a tablet with a map, to take along on your mission. You pick up the gear from Escape Room Helsinki at Fabininkatu 23, quite close the quay from which the ferry to Suomenlinna is leaving.

We recommend this game for groups of 2-6 people over 10 years of age. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.