Outdoor Escape Game

Are Outdoor Escape Game something for you?

Be on the move!

City escape outdoor escape games are intriguing adventures that will keep your family, friends or colleagues fully entertained, whatever the weather.  You’ll have fun together, moving through secrets routes and sharing new experiences of the city.

For teams and team builders – both old and new ones

Do you want a boost for your team? Forget the seminar rooms and sitting  around tables sipping mineral water!  City Escape games are quick, fun and effective team building events. Having spent two hours together on an exciting adventure, your team has exercised, explored, discussed, solved challenges, laughed and experienced moments of success together. Maybe they have raced another team to get even more excitement.

We can collect the teams’ points even they are played on different days!

For work place teams, we recommend the action packed game  #Operation Legacy.

For families

City Escape games are ideal for your family’s day out together.  They are also a perfect programme for any family event, such as birthdays or other bigger get-togethers. If you want to explore the city in a new way, move outdoors and have a touch of augmented reality to make it more exciting, you will love the games. The adventure groups consist of 2-6 players and many groups can start on the mission at he same time.

Why not challenge your neighbors to a race?

Mint House Heist

This outdoor game is perfect for two teams of 2-6 persons – maybe racing each other?

In 1913, there was a spectacular robbery, in which 1200000 marks in gold were stolen from the Mint House on Katajanokka, close to the center of Helsinki. One of the robbers, Kalle Lusi, was arrested the next morning and did his time in the Katajanokka prison, until his death in tuberculosis in 1917. Lusi never revealed his partner in crime, who hid the gold somewhere. Strangely enough, it seems like the police hushed things up – maybe they were protecting the partner, or the gold? Then World War I broke out and the case was hidden in the archives.

A year or so ago, a young police officer called Maija Aho, born Lusi, tried to reopen the case. She was brusquely told not to touch it. Before the order, though, she managed to find out some details and copy the old case documentation, which she now gives over to the team who is willing to solve the case once and for all.

If you play this game in two teams, one team follows in the tracks of Kalle Lusi, while the other team explores the partner’s movements, until one or both teams find out what happened to the stolen gold. It is also possible to play this game with one team only.

Duration: 1,5 hours.

Age recommendation: 11 years up.

Mission Sea Eagle

Mission Sea Eagle: Outdoor Escape Game in Suomenlinna Fortress

Special agents, welcome to this briefing. Your mission is urgent.  According to our sources, a huge oil tanker is coded to run straight into Helsinki’s Marketplace, destroying not only the city center but also the sensitive Finnish Bay.

We know that the terrorist has a sailing boat somewhere close to Suomenlinna fortress, from which he can activate his operation. He’s just waiting for his boss, Romero Litski, who’s due to arrive any time now.  You need to to find the boat before Litski gets there, and send us its identification code, so that we can move in and stop the threat. Will your team be able to find the clues that Litski has hidden in Suomenlinna ? You have only a couple of hours to complete the search.

NOTE that you book the game per team, not per person. Each team can consist of 2-6 players.

The game is available online for two teams. If you want more than 2 teams, please contact us.

Before going to Suomenlinna, you collect your agent gear from our venue on Fabianinkatu 23 (quite close to the ferry harbour) from 11 am onward. Once on the island, you can activate the game at your leisure. The gear must be returned to Fabianinkatu by 7 pm, unless otherwise agreed.

The game will take about 1,5 hours.

Operation Legacy

Operation Legacy – an outdoor escape game in Helsinki

We are WISE, World Immunity Systems, Europe and we work against immunological terrorism. This time, your task is to find a lost formula, connected to the further refinement of penicillin.

In 1933, the laboratory assistant Mary Hunt, who developed this unique formula, had to flee to protect it from falling into wrong hands, for example Hitler’s Abwehr. Getting stuck in Helsinki, Hunt decided to hide the formula in the city and burn all documents.

Last month, Hunt’s grandchild Laura found a letter from her grandmother, where she reveals her plan and gives some cryptic leads to the formula’s hiding place. It’s now your job to follow the leads and find the hidden formula. But please be careful – there are still organizations out there who’d like to have the formula for their own, sinister use.

Game run thought CityCentre parks.

Special Wishes

Special Wishes – Customization

Would you like an outdoor escape adventure built especially for you? We can create a route in an area that suits you, anywhere in Helsinki or for example in Espoo, Porvoo or at a congress center.  The area has to be public or used with the owner’s permission.  We can also create some puzzles within the game to mirror a theme that you wish to highlight.  The duration of the game can also be adjusted between 1 and 2 hours and you can freely choose what time you’d like the event to take place. Maybe a mission in the dark with torches?

Please contact us at contact@escaperoom.fi and tell us about your wishes!


Do you need more hints about what you could do in the city? (Play another escape game!)

Do you need advice about the height of your heels on a city escape mission? (Well, personally we prefer sneakers to be swift and comfortable, but it’s your choice really).

Why do we need to come to the starting point 10 minutes before the game? (Agents are never late for a mission! And maybe you’d like some information about the game and the equipment before you set off. We also have toilets…)

Is it ok to be dead drunk while playing the game? (Actually, you’ll need your wits about you.  It’s more fun, and you don’t wish to lose the equipment and have to pay the expenses once you get sober?)

Don not like go out? Play at home – DIY-escapegames.com

If there are more questions that can’t be found on the net page, please contact us: