Special Wishes

Special Wishes – Customization

Would you like an outdoor escape adventure built especially for you? We can create a route in an area that suits you, anywhere in Helsinki or for example in Espoo, Porvoo or at a congress center.  The area has to be public or used with the owner’s permission.  We can also create some puzzles within the game to mirror a theme that you wish to highlight.  The duration of the game can also be adjusted between 1 and 2 hours and you can freely choose what time you’d like the event to take place. Maybe a mission in the dark with torches?

Please contact us at contact@escaperoom.fi and tell us about your wishes!


Do you need more hints about what you could do in the city? (Play another escape game!)

Do you need advice about the height of your heels on a city escape mission? (Well, personally we prefer sneakers to be swift and comfortable, but it’s your choice really).

Why do we need to come to the starting point 10 minutes before the game? (Agents are never late for a mission! And maybe you’d like some information about the game and the equipment before you set off. We also have toilets…)

Is it ok to be dead drunk while playing the game? (Actually, you’ll need your wits about you.  It’s more fun, and you don’t wish to lose the equipment and have to pay the expenses once you get sober?)

Don not like go out? Play at home – DIY-escapegames.com

If there are more questions that can’t be found on the net page, please contact us: